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Life History

 Professionals: Pura Diaz-Veiga, Marta Idiáquez, Laura Agirregomezkorta Madinabeitia, Mª Francesca Cerdó i Pasqual, Marian Costa Casco, Rebeka Gárces Aldazábal, Obdulia Mena Iglesias, José Luis Nieto Torquemada, Mª Isabel Genua Goena, Izaskun Cuartango Acha

Knowing people's life history is essential to providing comprehensive and person-centred care. Knowing the tastes, interests, habits, etc. of the people we serve facilitates the provision of individualised care that respects their life trajectory.

Each person is unique and therefore their care should be arranged with them. Person-centred care involves individualised planning that should take into account the life history of the person, because no two people are the same (Martinez, 2010). Understanding that every person is unique implies, as stated (Martinez, 2010), the necessary personalisation of care, and that care should be dispensed from a care and life plan, consistent with the person's past, present and future. This is where the Life History is especially important