HomeCreating places for living. Person-centred care in care homes for the elderly.

Creating places for living. Person-centred care in care homes for the elderly.


02 June 2020

Online Course

Creating places for living. Person-Centred Care in care homes for the elderly. 02.jun - 06.jul

Committing to a People-Centred Care model means committing to a model based on ethics, rights and scientific evidence. We are talking about making people's rights effective, through a professional practice where the person and their life project are the most important thing. This represents a major change in the usual functioning of residential centres, where service-centred care prevails and organisational issues take precedence over people's rights.

The current situation we are witnessing in relation to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus highlights the need for a change in the model of care, where people can live in places that guarantee respect for the dignity of people in any situation.

This Summer Course is aimed at professionals in the field of gerontology who want to start or continue on the path towards the incorporation of People-Centred Care practices in their workplace. In this course they will be able to work on the fundamental and specific aspects that are important in the implementation of PCA.


  • To reflect on the need for new models of care centred on people.
  • To work on the importance of the environment, the space where life in care homes takes place, and its effect on people.
  • To offer and comment on examples of good practices developed in centres where change has already taken place.
  • To propose and reflect on everyday life practices that favour people's well-being.