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From home to city: building environments for ageing well


15 July 2021
  Modalidad: Online/presencial

This summer course aims to respond to these challenges. Specifically, it aims to show the importance of the environment for the well-being and health of people, especially as they get older. It will provide information about the relevance of aspects such as contact with nature, the design of public and private spaces, especially when people need care. It will also present some innovative initiatives in relation to various types of contexts such as housing, urban spaces and parks and gardens.



  • To raise awareness of the relevance of environments in relation to well-being and health.
  • To highlight the influence of the environment in favouring independence, autonomy and well-being throughout the ageing process.
  • To show new alternatives for lifelong accommodation.
  • To present innovative projects related to architectural and environmental design that promote well-being.

Mayte Sancho
Mayte Sancho Expert in gerontological planning
Elena del Barrio
Elena del Barrio Co-director - Researcher
Fotografía de Heitor Lantarón
Heitor G. Lantarón Architectural Design and researcher

Other Professionals

Agurtzane Solaberrieta

Jaime Moreno

José Antonio Corraliza

Salvador Rueda

Javier Segura

Manuela Carmena

Jose María Ezquiaga