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Participation as a right: my life is my decision


13 July 2022
  Modalidad: Online/presencial


Based on the recognition of the human rights approach as a lighthouse that must guide any practice or commitment to intervention with the people we usually identify in a situation of fragility or dependence, we propose a Summer Course aimed at reflecting on a right that, despite being fundamental, is not always taken into consideration from the different areas of intervention: the right to participation of each person in the creation, development and assessment of all those resources and services that are created to respond to their needs and desires.

To this end, we intend to generate a space for reflection in which research and intervention converge, as these are areas in which, despite the progress made in recent years, there are still great challenges ahead of us so that we can really talk about participation and people taking control of their lives.

We will address the progress made in terms of people's participation in existing programmes and services (intervention) and we will also share experiences of inclusive research in which the people targeted have been part of the research teams, thus becoming involved in the reflection and creation of "solutions for the future" (research).

We understand that this double perspective must lead us to visualise in a comprehensive way what we are talking about when we mention PARTICIPATION as a right, what difficulties or mental barriers we encounter and what challenges we have ahead of us, from the academic field, from the field of organisations and from the people themselves in order to be heard.

With this objective in mind, we present a Summer Course where we are committed to generating a space open to reflection and participation of all the parties involved, with special attention to people who fall under the category of people in a situation of dependence, such as the elderly and people with functional diversity. In this way, we will try to reach some keys to success in the implementation and development of this type of projects.


  • Reflect on the right to participation from person-centred approaches and from the human rights system itself and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  • To learn about inclusive research projects.
  • To learn about experiences of articulated intervention based on people's participation.

Activity directed to:

University student, Students not from university, Teachers, Professionals, All public

Laura Fernández Researcher
Penélope Castejón
Penélope Castejón Researcher

Other Professionals

M. Carmen Garmendia Lasa

Idoia Jauegui Etxarte

Amaia Zulaica Cardoso