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Ageism, perceptions of ageing and retirement

 Line of Knowledge: Promoting Healthy Ageing
 Author: Molina, M. A., Marsillas, S., Del Barrio, E.
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Carrying out a specific survey on the living conditions of people aged 55 and over in the Basque Country allows the Basque Government to continue with the successive previous studies on the reality of the elderly in this territory.

The study carried out in 2020 is the third edition of this survey, which, as well as providing information on the reality of these people, also enables trends and needs for the future to be analysed. The generation of this knowledge will help both the evaluation and the design of past and future public policies on ageing in the Basque Country.

The results of this study are a series of thematic reports which analyse in detail the current situation and evolution of people aged 55 and over in the Basque Country from areas such as health, the social fabric, participation, satisfaction and feelings of loneliness. This issue of the series analyses ageism and perceptions of ageing and retirement.