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Ageing, home and environment. Qualitative research report

 Professionals: Elena del Barrio, Mayte Sancho, Diego Herranz, Unai Díaz

This report presents the results of qualitative research in the context of the UCHI project: AGEING, HOME AND ENVIRONMENT: ANALYSIS OF THE CURRENT SITUATION AND FUTURE POSSIBILITIES OF INTERVENTION, by the Matia Gerontological Institute.

The best way to read it is as a contribution to the development and refinement of the care model for older people currently being developed by different institutions and agents in Spain, the so-called comprehensive person-centred model.

According to this new paradigm, care for the elderly who need assistance improves considerably when it is possible to meet the personal expectations of every elderly person and also when taking into account factors that include the concept of quality of life, moving past services focus on health care. Throughout this report, the plot of factors involved in a person's life throughout their ageing process is accurately analysed, which has to do with their residential needs and care.