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3rd Conference on Psychogerontology: Person-centred Neuropsychology

 Tipo: Jornada
 Línea de conocimiento: Psychosocial area
 Localización: Madrid

The Official College of Psychologists of Madrid and the Spanish Association of Psychogerontology (AEPG) are organising this conference, in collaboration with the IMSERSO, to seek ways of union and synergies between psychogerontology and neuropsychology.

The demands of the current and future social configuration, with the ageing of the population and its associated care and socio-health needs, require models of psychological care of the highest quality. Neuropsychology and psychogerontology are sub-disciplines of psychology that converge in the achievement of the psychological well-being of the elderly and their carers (professionals and family members). In daily practice, it is necessary to find ways of uniting and synergies between the two in order to achieve this objective and minimise the risk of them seeking to compete for certain competencies, tending towards exclusive and non-inclusive models, with all the harm that this would ultimately entail for the elderly and their carers. For this reason, comprehensive psycho-gerontological care cannot leave neuropsychology out of its interventions, and must be integrated under person-centred care models.


  • To seek ways of union and synergies between psychogerontology and neuropsychology, establishing the necessary training criteria for professionals in both sub-disciplines.
  • To bring together experts and professionals working in the field of gerontology to generate a space for reflection and dissemination of advances in neuropsychology and their integration into the person-centred care models that work in the psychological care of the elderly.
  • To bring person-centred care models closer to neuropsychological assessment and intervention.