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Planning and models of care

This area of ​​expertise is more "sociological." Gerontological Planning and Models of Care include key elements in the development of innovative models of care. These models are evaluated, while addressing key issues for planning care for the ageing, guiding it.

From this line of knowledge, the Institute supports Public Administration, private entities and the third sector by:

  • Conducting studies for understanding of the needs for further planning and provision of services.
  • Diagnosing Geriatric care needs.
  • Analysing the provision of social and health services.
  • Advising, training and providing assistance in transforming Models of Care for people in situations of dependency in the different resources of the Service Catalogue.
  • Identifying social determinants of health (from its sociological aspect, living conditions, demographics, etc.)
  • Analysing dimensions and characteristics of the informal support system.
  • Conducting studies of living conditions
  • Assisting in the planning of social and health services that support people through the aging process
  • Innovating services: It supports organisations providing services in planning and implementing developed models of care.

Health Policies for Euskadi 2013 – 2020 mark among its objectives both geriatric care and home care. These are two lines of work developed and aligned with Matia Gerontological Institute’s specialisation Plan.