InicioParticipación en forosWebinar Roundtable Dialogue: "Educating to eradicate Ageism".

Webinar Roundtable Dialogue: "Educating to eradicate Ageism".

 Tipo: Webinar
 Línea de conocimiento: Promoting Healthy Ageing
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The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines AGEISM as "stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination against people because of their age" and states that it is currently the third cause of discrimination in the world after RACISM AND SEXISM. The term "AGEISM" is still largely unknown. We are all at risk of exclusion because of our age. However, we are complicit in the negative value of ageing.

Every day, society naturalises unconscious ageist practices that infantilise or marginalise older people. Their negative influence determines patterns of relationships, treatment and coexistence that affect the dignity and well-being of people and also the development of care models and public policies from the perspectives of ageing and gender.

The General Council of Social Education is organising with the Commission for Active Ageing and Lifelong Learning the TELEMATIC COLLOQUIUM: "EDUCATE TO ERADICATE AGEINGISM" in order to:

  1. Reflect on the concept and consequences of ageism.
  2. To get to know the vision of older people and their organisations.
  3. Raise awareness of the importance of education for its eradication.
  4. To specify proposals for action for the development of Social and Community Education.

Invited speakers:

  • Lourdes Bermejo García. Vice-President of Gerontology of the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology (SEGG). Doctor in Educational Sciences, Gerontologist and Social Educator.
  • Elena del Barrio Truchado. Co-director of Matia Institute. Sociologist and Master in Social Gerontology. Expert in Age- Friendly Cities and Communities projects of the WHO.
  • Carlos Martínez Ozcariz. Director of the Democratic Union of Pensioners and Retired Persons of Spain (UDP). Philologist

Facilitator: Flor González Muñiz. President of the Professional Association of Social Educators of Asturias Social Educator. Master in Social Gerontology.