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V EDEtik Dialogues&Learnings: "Care in the new normal for carers"

 Tipo: Otros
 Línea de conocimiento: Psychosocial area
 Localización: Online

On 5 November, the fifth EDEtik Dialogues & Learnings meeting was held under the title "Care for carers in the new normality". This virtual meeting was attended, among other guests, by our colleague Nerea Galdona, coordinator at the Matía Foundation of the "Sendian" programme and of the training programme for carers associated with the "PECEF" financial aid.

In the session, different reflections were shared on how the #pandemic has affected caregiving families, and what the direct consequences have been for the vulnerability of the dependent person and their environment. It was also identified what could be the short/medium term orientations of the intervention with these families.


  • Share reflections on how family carers have experienced and been affected by the confinement, the pandemic and its consequences, and on the response given to their needs by public and/or private institutions.
  • To carry out short- and medium-term prospection on care and intervention with family carers.
  • To identify and share guidelines for the future of intervention with family carers.