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The challenges of Alzheimer and dementias

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 Línea de conocimiento: Planning and models of care
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To call for a political commitment to make Alzheimer's a strategic priority in the scientific, health and care fields, and to prioritise research as the only way to beat the disease, we are organising, together with the Spanish Neurology Society (SEN), the Spanish Alzheimer's Confederation (CEAFA), the Matia Foundation and HelpAge, the event "The challenges of Alzheimer's and dementias" in the Congress of Deputies this coming Monday, 13 September, at 10 am, in the Ernest Lluch Room.

Her Excellency Meritxell Batet, President of the Congress of Deputies, will open the event, which will be moderated by journalist Fernando Ónega, and will start with the testimonies of a person recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's, a family caregiver, and a participant in research studies on Alzheimer's disease.