InicioParticipación en forosVillages of Care / Villages of Life. Discussion on doctoral research

Villages of Care / Villages of Life. Discussion on doctoral research

 Tipo: Seminario
 Línea de conocimiento: Active aging and friendliness
 Localización: Online

Doctoral sessions organised by the universities of Trieste and Udine, with talks that can be followed online via teams. More information:

Session 1 - 10:00-11:30h
Villages for people with dementia: a new model of living? Introduction Prof. Giuseppina Scavuzzo

  • Valentina Scarton (Iuav). Invisible connections: Exploring the role, form and meaning of space in care projects in villages for people with dementia.
  • Alberto Geuna (Politecnico di Milano). Enough" Collective: Reading the Dementia Village as a non-curative utopia.
  • Ara González Cabrera (Polytechnic University of Madrid). Dementia Villages and Reminiscence Rooms. An architecture to maintain memory
  • Elisa Pozo Menéndez (Matia Institute | mita atelier). The city for people with dementia: Methodology for integrating design and quality of life in European cities.

Session 2 - 11:30-13:00h
(Extra)ordinary life for extraordinary people

  • Anna Dordolin (University of Trieste). Atypical, Self-determined, Interdependent Interdependent. Possible accommodation options for "Extraordinary People".
  • Domenico Faraco (Sapienza University of Rome). The Michelucci method. The continuous construction of the community.
  • Martina Di Prisco (University of Trieste). Beyond the threshold. Care, memory and narrative of mental health in architecture.
  • Micol Rispoli (Bau Barcelona). Learning to be the object of neurodiverse spatial practices.