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Basque Active Ageing Strategy 2015-2020

 Location: Colegio Mayor Olarain - Paseo Ondarreta 24. Donostia-San Sebastián

From the Department of Employment and Social Policy of the Basque Government, aware of the important transformation that society is experiencing as a result of the ageing process, we face our commitment to promote the 2015-2020 Basque Active Ageing Strategy. 

Basque society has endorsed recommendations from different areas of knowledge and through various areas of public administration, scientific societies and other organisations in the field of gerontology. They are constantly employed to achieve active, positive, healthy ageing, integrated in the development of one’s country, territory, city or town. 

It is in the context of a society that is committed to and enthusiastic about the permanent construction of its citizens' wellbeing, where it is integrated with prospects of success, the presentation of this Active Ageing Strategy, in which all citizens, regardless of their age, can be reflected in and identify with recommendations applicable to their daily lives: ageing well is a lifelong task that requires personal and collective responsibility.