The Matia Gerontological Institute is the unit of Matia Fundazioa dedicated to creating applicable knowledge and its dissemination in society (R+D+i). A unique centre in the Basque Country, with 10 years of experience.

The objective of this Institute is to collaborate in the definition of new models of prevention, care and health, as well as in providing support during the changes associated with ageing and the development of business projects that add value and quality to ageing, creating new solutions based on the knowledge of each of the members of the foundation.

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 Año: 2024 to 2027 - Estado: In progress

Like many other cities, the urban centre of Fuenlabrada faces a number of challenges, including the deterioration of the housing stock, the closure of local businesses and an ageing rate above the city average.

 Año: 2024 - Estado: In progress

How is a care ecosystem built in a rural population of nafarroa? What are the characteristics they share and what are the realities that need to be addressed and transformed?

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 Año: 2023 to 2024 - Estado: In progress

Sexuality is a fundamental part of our lives. Being able to live our sexuality freely, as well as being a right and a key aspect of health, is also the source of many of our life's wellbeing and pleasures.

 Año: 2023 - Estado: In progress

The Deba care ecosystem was born to transform the reality of the care systems in the town of Deba in a participatory and diverse way.

 Año: 2023 - Estado: In progress

Within the framework of the Lugaritz supported housing, Matia has launched the Lugaritz Living Lab project.

 Año: 2022 - Estado: In progress

This longitudinal study will monitor the Basque population aged 70 and over residing in the community. It will examine the same people over an extended period of time to analyse the ageing process, assess changes, and understand the differences between the different groups.

 Año: 2022 - Estado: In progress

Population ageing is a great social achievement that poses challenges to ensure the welfare of this population in conditions of equality and sustainability, even more so after the COVID-19 crisis that has had such an impact on the elderly.

 Año: 2022 to 2024 - Estado: In progress
 Profesionales: Amaia Olano, Elisa Berrios, Irati Mogollón, Ainara TomasenaMartín García

Care ecosystems are based on the development of local experiences that help to create more personalised, flexible and community-based care models, based on social innovation, promoting care at home and improving synergies between the social and health systems. 

 Año: 2022 to 2024 - Estado: In progress
 Profesionales: Verónica Lozada Paz, Elisa Berrios, Paula García, Virginia Oliván, Nerea Etxaniz, Penélope Castejón, Cristina Buiza, Miren Iturburu, Erkuden AldazJavier Quintas, Eli Abad, Marian Hernández, Andrea Santos, Carmen Hernández, Jone Eguren

This project is a proposal for innovation that through training, accompaniment and research, aims to help older people living in IASS residences to develop their life project in spaces that ensure their dignity and rights, maintaining the meaning of their day to day life as they have done in thei

 Año: 2022 to 2024 - Estado: In progress

Helduak Zabaltzen is an initiative promoted by the Basque Government and Euskofederpen, to facilitate the transformation and adaptation of the model of Social Centres for the Elderly, as well as to accompany them towards digitalisation.