The Matia Gerontological Institute is the unit of Matia Fundazioa dedicated to creating applicable knowledge and its dissemination in society (R+D+i). A unique centre in the Basque Country, with 10 years of experience.

The objective of this Institute is to collaborate in the definition of new models of prevention, care and health, as well as in providing support during the changes associated with ageing and the development of business projects that add value and quality to ageing, creating new solutions based on the knowledge of each of the members of the foundation.

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 Year: 2021 - Status: In progress
 Professionals: Nerea Etxaniz, Erkuden AldazAinhoa Arrillaga

More and more people in Gipuzkoa are deciding to become volunteers and accompany those in need, contributing to their wellbeing.

 Year: 2020 to 2021 - Status: In progress

The carrying out of a specific survey on the living conditions of people aged 55 and over in the Basque Country allows the Basque Government to continue with successive previous studies on the reality of older people in this Autonomous Community.

 Year: 2020 to 2023 - Status: In progress

SEE ME is an Erasmus + KA2 project which, through the development of a model and a set of training tools, aims to improve the quality of care and social inclusion of older people.

 Year: 2020 - Status: In progress
 Professionals: Erkuden Aldaz

The aim of this project is the design and development of a specialisation programme called "Reference Professional in the framework of Person-Centred Care".

 Year: 2020 to 2021 - Status: In progress
 Professionals: Nerea Etxaniz, Álvaro Garcia

Within Pasaia Herri Lab, together with the projects (AGASE, HAUSKOR, between Hurkoa and Adinkide and OK at home) and Pasaia City Council as promoter, Etxean Bizi is a fundamental piece in the generation of the necessary conditions, so that elderly people who need support and decide to continue li

 Year: 2019 to 2020 - Status: Finished
 Year: 2019 to 2022 - Status: In progress

At the end of 2019, the 'Dementia in Cultural Mediation' project was launched in Odense (Denmark), an initiative within the framework of the European Erasmus + programme, which seeks to gather information about the different artistic and cultural activities involving people with dementia in four

 Year: 2019 to 2022 - Status: In progress

QAVAD is a European Erasmus + project that, from the binomial accompaniment/care and training, seeks to promote the development or maintenance of cognitive, motor and social skills, essential for the quality of life of those people who require support and wish to remain in their homes.

 Year: 2018 to 2019 - Status: Finished
 Professionals: Erkuden Aldaz

The need to unify the training of future professionals and the demands of the market in relation to this new way of understanding care for people (PCC) is now becoming apparent.

 Year: 2018 to 2019 - Status: Finished