Matia Institute organises, collaborates and promotes training programmes aimed at people seeking to specialise in the field of gerontology, responding to the qualification needs expressed by organisations in the sector, with the specific aim of transferring the knowledge generated both by Matia Fundazioa and other collaborators.

In addition, Matia Gerontology Institute assists in the management of grants and subsidies for continuous training, and develops courses aimed at unemployed people in order to train people who can and wish to join the labour market in the field of the elderly.


List of courses

 Año: 13.07.2022

Based on the recognition of the human rights approach as a lighthouse that must guide any practice or commitment to intervention with the people we usually identify in a situation of fragility or dependence, we propose a Summer Course aimed at reflecting on a right that, despite being fundamental, is not always taken into consideration from the different areas of intervention: the right to participation of each person in the creation, development and assessment of all those resources and services that are created to respond to their needs and desires.

 Año: 15.07.2021

This summer course aims to respond to these challenges. Specifically, it aims to show the importance of the environment for the well-being and health of people, especially as they get older.

 Año: 15.06.2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has constituted a socio-healthcare, ethical and legal challenge that some people doubt we have been able to meet as a society with the most vulnerable. What has happened and what needs to be corrected? Have the elderly people been truly autonomous?

 Año: 01.10.2020

Polymedication is a frequent situation in the elderly, sometimes necessary and sometimes due to inertia in the system or a lack of review of treatments. This polymedication often causes problems, and addressing it is necessary for safe clinical practice.

 Año: 28.09.2020

The Master's Degree in Psychosocial Gerontology, taught jointly by the Universidad a Distancia de Madrid and the Matia Institute, offers a great opportunity to develop the necessary professional skills to address the challenge of longevity in complex social contexts.

 Año: 15.09.2020

The assessment and intervention of people with advanced dementia is a challenge from a care, socio-demographic and family point of view and an opportunity to offer better care to the most vulnerable people in society.

 Año: 08.06.2020

Online course

Moving towards residences for home-like living. The importance of older people's participation. 08.jun - 13.jul

 Año: 02.06.2020

Online Course

Creating places for living. Person-Centred Care in care homes for the elderly. 02.jun - 06.jul

 Año: 19.05.2020

Online Course

Introduction to housing models and ageing environments. 19.may - 26.jun