About us


We are the Matia Fundazioa unit dedicated to the generation of applicable knowledge and its dissemination in society (I+D+i). It is, therefore, the vehicle through which Matia Fundazioa realises its strategic objective of generating applicable knowledge and promoting its transfer, specialising in and promoting the application of its own knowledge. A distinguishing feature that sets the differential value of Matia Fundazioa apart from other specialised institutions in the field of ageing.

The activity of the Matia Gerontological Institute is based on the generation of knowledge and gerontological innovation and its transfer from a psychosocial approach.

One of the biggest challenges of gerontology is enabling the elderly to continue maintaining the highest levels of autonomy and independence possible. To maintain this autonomy, seniors must face a variety of challenges (cognitive, behavioural, functional, emotional, etc.) that they are faced with on a daily basis.

From the Matia Gerontological Institute and together with Matia Fundazioa, we work on innovative projects to promote autonomy in everyday life and the dignity of the elderly, with the ultimate aim of attaining their well-being.

The Matia Gerontological Institute pursues the generation of interdisciplinary scientific knowledge to maximise personal autonomy, independence, health and quality of life of the elderly and disabled, as well as that of their caregivers.

We identify the challenge of ageing as an opportunity to contribute to society. We understand that this contribution is promoted by disseminating the knowledge generated, be it from clinical practice and research and counseling to other public and public entities in the sector.

Therefore, the work of the Matia Gerontological Institute can support other private actors and institutions in the development of new policies, products and services oriented on attaining well-being during the ageing process.

The activity of the Matia Gerontological Institute is aimed at:

  • Matia Fundazioa for continuous improvement of its services.
  • Other agents in the society:
    • Public Administration responsible for geriatric care services
    • Private entities operating in the field of social and health services for the elderly
    • Technology Centres
    • Universities
    • Public Administration and private companies in other sectors to adapt their policies, services and products to the elderly.