Psychosocial area

This area of specialisation, psychosocial interventions, is more psychological or neuropsychological, "fundamental" in the applied perspective and related to the next area that aims to develop knowledge about what happens in everyday life, to: be able to "measure" what happens there in its various dimensions and to generate interventions to maximise the autonomy of people both through activation of their own capabilities as well as external elements that strengthen them. This line focuses on two main areas: neurosciences (neurodegenerative diseases) and the geriatric syndrome of frailty. Matia Institute aims to:

  • Study and understand the personal resources, internal and external (environmental) processes that the elderly activate to maximize their capacities, with the aim of developing assessment and intervention tools and instruments that facilitate them.
  • Doing it from a "green" perspective:
  • In the place where these processes are developed (the house, the neighbourhood, etc.).
  • With a look into everyday life.
  • From a transversal and integrated perspective.
  • For ageing people without disabling conditions ("normal ageing") and for people in situations of fragility and/or with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias