Generate and transfer knowledge to contribute to the well-being of people and their environment throughout the ageing process, through applied research from a people-centred approach

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Training actions in Person-Centred Care


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Planificación y modelos de atención

Planning and models of care

The Matia Gerontological Institute develops knowledge in the area of Planning and Models of Care in the field of ageing.

Área psicosocial

Psychosocial area

The Matia Gerontological Institute studies the psychological and neuropsychological factors that influence the ageing process. The lines under investigation are explained here.

Envejecimiento activo y amigabilidad

Promoting Healthy Ageing

Matia Gerontological Institute develops knowledge about the dimensions of physical activity and nutrition to contribute to healthy ageing.

Co-research space

Mujeres pelando manzanas

Put yourself in my dining-room

These are sets of educational materials - cards, guidebooks and posters, aimed at ensuring that professional practices and environments in dining-halls of residences promote well-being, autonomy and independence of the person.


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