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Presentation of notebooks: Person-centred care model

 Location: Lakua Building - Main assembly hall- Calle Donostia-San Sebastián 1, Vitoria-Gasteiz

The need for progress in the introduction of changes in the model of care for people in need of support, especially the elderly, has been repeatedly shown by the people affected and the general public, in addition to in the scientific and professional fields. Thus, for more than two decades, northern European countries, the USA, Australia, Canada and others, have been working in the research and experimentation of new care itineraries, based on aspects such as providing integrated health and social services, keeping people in their usual environment, offering alternatives to the home that ensure the "live as if at home" motto, designing facilitating and friendly environments with people who need support, care model centred on the person and their preferences, and promoting personal autonomy, enhancing their preferences and their choice, together with past environments and preserving their dignity and privacy.

At the state level, this debate appeared incipiently more than a decade ago, and no significant progress has been made in its conceptualisation or putting it into practice. Something similar is happening in the Basque Country, despite the development of its system of care for the elderly and with more advanced functional diversity than in the rest of the State. Thus, in various professional environments, associative and related to political decision-making, reflection on how to approach a change in itinerary from the consistency and sustainability of our current system is becoming increasingly stronger. In 2011, the Basque Country started this innovative process, from the certainty that it faces a complex challenge, a change in the culture of care for people who need support, especially in the institutional system.

The practical notebooks presented, aim to share and present some of the best practices, experiences and research being carried out in the Basque Country, the Spanish state and Europe to advance social and geriatric innovation.  Respect for the people's rights, comprehensive care, environments, incorporating therapeutic activities into everyday life, and other aspects will be analysed in this initiative.