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Dissemination day of the results of the QAVAD project

 Type: Conference
 Line of Knowledge: 
 Location: Hendaia

On Friday, July 1st, we will have the presentation of the results of QAVAD, a European Erasmus + project that, from the binomial accompaniment/care and training, seeks to promote the development or maintenance of cognitive, motor and social skills, essential for the quality of life of those people who require support and wish to remain in their homes. 


9:30h Welcome

9:40h About QAVAD


Final seminar of the New-Care project. Presentation of results.

 Type: Seminar
 Line of Knowledge: 
 Location: Toledo

Meeting organised by the Asociación Edad Dorada Mensajeros de la Paz of Castilla-La Mancha and Galicia to present the results of the European project New-Care and to exchange opinions and experiences on the qualification and VET of the reference professional, in relation to the implementation of the AICP model in long-term care.