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Conference "The many faces of Ageism"

19/10/2021 to 20/10/2021
 Type: Conference
 Line of Knowledge: Active aging and friendliness
 Location: Online

Age discrimination against older people, or ageism, is an indisputable reality in today's society. With this conference, organised by the Imserso, the aim is for people to learn about the discrimination suffered by the elderly from a scientific-technical point of view, what types of discrimination there are, where it manifests itself most intensely, what its consequences are, what types of discrimination there are, what studies exist on this problem, what instruments exist to combat it, etc.


19th October 2021

15:30h: Opening

15:45-17:15h: What is discrimination? Speaker: Mr. Oscar Ignacio Mateos. Professor of Constitutional Law at the URJC.

16:30h: What is age discrimination or ageism? Speakers: Mr. Rubén Herranz. Imserso Studies Technician.

17:15-18.00h: Ageism as seen by older people. Presented and moderated by: Rubén Herranz. Imserso Studies Technician

  • Ms. Loles Díaz Aledo. Journalist. Former director of RNE's "Club de la Vida".
  • Mr. Juan Antonio Sánchez Espín. Member of the State Council for the Elderly.
  • Ms. Inma Ruiz Martín. Retired. Ombudsman for the Elderly in Ávila.

20th October 2021

15:30-16:45h: Ageism in its scenarios. Presented and moderated by: Mr. Jorge Domínguez. Head of the Training and Communication Area of the Imserso.

  • Ms. Lourdes Bermejo. Doctor in Educational Sciences, gerontologist and consultant. Vice-president of the SEGG
  • "Health". Mr. Guillermo Fouce. Doctor in Psychology. President of the foundation Psychology without borders.
  • "Employment and income security" Ms. María Jesús Aranda. Vice-President HelpAge International Spain.
  • "Media" Ms. Elena del Barrio. Member of the SEGG Image and Ageing Group. Co-Director of Matia Institute. 

16:45-18:00h: Ageism and multiple or intersectional discrimination. Presented and moderated by: Ms. Laura González. Head of the Specialised Training Service of the Imserso.

  • "Older women" Ms. Vanessa Zorrilla-Muñoz. PhD in Engineering and Sociology, Researcher at ENCAGEn, IEG-UC3M and Fundación Pilares.
  • "Older LGTBI people" Mr. Federico Armenteros. President of the 26 December Foundation.
  • Older people and disability" Ms. Cheles Cantabrana, President of CEAFA.
  • "Older migrants" Ms. María Dolores Casal. Social worker. Robert Gordon University. 

18:00-18:30h: Closing Conference Mr. Luis Alberto Barriga Martín. Director General of Imserso.


Elena del Barrio
Elena del Barrio Co-director - Researcher