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Envellecemento activo: conquistando etapas vitais

 Type: Others
 Line of Knowledge: Promoting Healthy Ageing
 Location: Santiago de Compostela

Sara Marsillas, researcher at Matia Instituto, will be in charge of closing the 2017/2018 academic year of Ategal (Asociación Cultural Galega de Formación Permanente de Adultos), with a talk on the role of active ageing for healthy ageing.

"In a way, the story is to make a brief summary of the idea of active ageing that brings us here, criticising at some point the trivialisation of the concept, such as the sole association of the idea of activity to the physical, to the consumption of activities and the consequent promotion of ageist attitudes or the promotion of youthful lifestyles, rejection of the fragile and associated risks, from a constructive point of view, emphasising all that remains to be improved in order to ensure that older people are truly full citizens and that they do not tend towards the mere consumption of activities but towards the construction and real participation in society, projects and products. From products/services for the elderly to products/services by and with the elderly. And associated benefits."

Cartel anunciador de la clausura oficial del curso 2017/2018 Ategal


Sara Marsillas
Sara Marsillas Researcher