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Ageing well in the Basque Country, the perspective of the elderly: a qualitative study


 Principal investigator:
Ángeles Molina
Elena del Barrio, Sara Marsillas

Population ageing is a great social achievement that poses challenges to ensure the welfare of this population in conditions of equality and sustainability, even more so after the COVID-19 crisis that has had such an impact on the elderly. This challenge requires transformations in policies, both in social and health services, long-term care, and in housing environments (housing, nursing homes, etc.), among others.

In this scenario of demographic and social change, many questions arise:

  • How do people age in the Basque Country?
  • What does it mean to age well?
  • What type of environment, both physical and social, facilitates good ageing?
  • What types of social and health services support good ageing?

During the year 2022, work is being carried out on the design of a longitudinal study on ageing in the Basque Country to examine the process and determining factors of good ageing, integrating the demographic and social changes that will take place over the next decade. The first phase of this study is based on carrying out qualitative research with in-depth interviews to identify which dimensions of the ageing process are considered fundamental by the ageing people themselves, as well as what barriers and facilitators they find in their environment to achieve good ageing.


To identify dimensions of ageing, as well as the barriers and facilitators that exist in the environment for ageing well.


Basque Government. Department of Equality, Justice and Social Policies.



Project status

In progress


Sara Marsillas
Sara Marsillas Researcher
Elena del Barrio
Elena del Barrio Co-director - Researcher

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