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Getafe age-friendly city


 Principal investigator:
Irati Mogollón
Elena del Barrio

Matia Fundazioa accompanies Getafe City Council in the construction of its First Friendliness Plan within the strategy of an Age-Friendly City. It promotes the participation of older people and citizens in general, for the improvement of neighbourhoods and environments to maintain their usual environment as they get older.

This initiative is based on the Age-friendly Environments Programme promoted by the World Health Organisation. According to the WHO, "an age-friendly city is an inclusive and accessible urban environment that promotes active ageing. (WHO, 2007)

The methodology used is based on the trajectory that Matia Instituto has followed in accompanying friendly municipalities, inspired by the methodology of friendly cities proposed by the WHO. In this sense, a diagnosis of friendliness was carried out in the city of Getafe with a survey of 400 elderly people and 14 focus groups. After which a Driving Group of older people was created to carry out the collaborative construction of the Friendliness Plan and five working sessions with the different technical representatives of the municipal areas of Getafe and representatives of the Driving Group.


The general objective of the work proposal is to provide technical assistance for the elaboration of the 1st Getafe City Council's Elder Friendly City Friendliness Plan. The aim of the Friendliness Plan is to focus the policies that the municipality will address in this area over the next 3 years (2021-2024).


  • Accompany the setting up of a Technical Committee and Commissions with representatives of the City Council and other public bodies participating in the Plan.

  • Promote and energise a Work Team made up of representatives of the Promoter Group and the Technical Committee of the City Council for the elaboration of the Action Plan.

  • To carry out participatory dynamics with the Work Team to analyse the needs detected in the diagnosis for the selection of the actions to be included in the Plan.

  • Support in the selection of indicators for measuring the Plan following the WHO methodology.

  • Drawing up the proposal for the Getafe Older People Friendly City Plan.


2019 to 2022

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Irati Mogollón Researcher
Elena del Barrio
Elena del Barrio Co-director - Researcher

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