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InklusiB: Inclusive Generations


 Principal investigator: Elena Del Barrio
 Team: Elena Del Barrio; Pura Diaz-Veiga; Nerea Etxaniz; Ainara Tomasena

Intergenerational community development project funded by the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa and implemented by Matia Institute and Adinkide, which seeks to work on the inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion involving different community agents in both the search for solutions and their implementation. It is a social innovation project in which through participatory action research methodology, and from the community, a tool will be developed for piloting and experimentation in the detection, recruitment and inclusion of people at risk of exclusion.

InklusiB will be developed jointly with professionals from the Social Protection Service for Women Victims of Gender Violence and Social Inclusion of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.


  • To favor the inclusion of people with fragility, dependency or exclusion profiles in community intervention programs through the design of a tool.
  • To foster the relationship between generations in the process of building friendly and inclusive social environments in a common and shared way.
  • Promote collaboration between agents, administration and citizens to foster citizen participation based on equity.
  • Addressing unwanted loneliness from the community.
  • Promote friendly social environments for all people.

Expected results

This process will result in a tool that will be made available to all agents and citizens to facilitate its scalability and replicability in other contexts and municipalities.


Project selected in the 2019 Etorkizuna Eraikiz call, an initiative of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.


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2019 to 2020

Project status

In progress


Nerea Etxaniz Researcher
Ainara Tomasena
Ainara Tomasena Researcher
Fotografía de Pura Diaz-Veiga
Pura Diaz-Veiga Knowledge Dissemination Advisor
Elena del Barrio
Elena del Barrio Co-director - Researcher

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