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PrestAKzioa: Willing to be people's companions


 Principal investigator:
Nerea Etxaniz
Erkuden Aldaz, Ainhoa Arrillaga

More and more people in Gipuzkoa are deciding to become volunteers and accompany those in need, contributing to their wellbeing. For this very reason, and aware of the importance that the work of these people has on the lives of others, we believe it is important to offer them a training opportunity in which they can be trained in PCC.

"PrestAKzioa: willing to be people's companions" (PRESTAKZIOA) aims to design, develop and test a training course aimed at volunteers in Person-Centred Care, which will be available to all volunteer organisations and volunteers who wish or feel the need for training in this area.

Likewise, the main objective of PrestAKzioa is that volunteers and organisations in Guipuzcoa that accompany people are trained in PCC in order to integrate this approach in their activity, promoting wellbeing, autonomy, dignity and meaning for the people they accompany. However, we also contemplate the following specific objectives:

  • To contribute to the advancement of PCC in the territory of Guipúzcoa and thus contribute to the promotion of the welfare of people in need of care.
  • To recognise the work of the people and entities that collaborate and volunteer their work.
  • To reduce the digital divide through training and learning new technologies.


Project with funding from the Kutxa Fundazioa call for grants for social and cultural projects to be carried out by associations and non-profit organisations in Gipuzkoa in 2021.

Kutxa Fundazioa



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In progress


Nerea Etxaniz Researcher
Erkuden Aldaz
Erkuden Aldaz Co-director - Researcher

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