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Guide to meaningful everyday activities

Investigación Colaborativa

What is it?

The Guidebook is a manual to facilitate the creation of meaningful everyday activities to be performed with people with dementia. Here you will find:

  • What the Everyday Activities are and the benefits they offer
  • Why this guidebook has been created
  • How to use it
  • Examples of step-by-step activities: the activity itself, where to do it, possible objectives and skills involved, the stages of the activity, how to adapt it to different people and different situations, how to create enabling environments, and what other activities may be related.


Who the collaboration is aimed at?

To collaborate with the Guidebook we ask you:

  • To be a professional who works with dementia patients.  You can participate individually or as an organisation

How can you collaborate?

Via the link below, you will have to complete a form with some basic data so that we can contact you and send you the material.   

After receiving the material, you have up to three months to freely try out the Guidebook and then send us your comments and observations.  

What you commit yourself to by collaborating.

When you register, together with the Guidebook, you will be able to download a brief form with some simple questions about your use of the Guidebook and your assessment of it, both in terms of formal aspects and applicability. 

It is a simple form that will not take much time to complete, but your observations, together with others, will be most valuable in improving the Guidebook.  


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