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María Muñoz Ezkergain

Director of Residential
Fotografía de María Muñoz

With a degree in Psychology and specialising in education, while studying Psychopedagogy she approached the field of adults with intellectual disabilities out of curiosity. María has worked in direct care as head of several day centres (Garagune), and later, in the Technical Management of Fundación Goyeneche, for more than 5 years. She has also given training in Positive Behavioural Support and Person-Centred Planning to several organisations.

Currently in the Residential Management of Matia Fundazioa, she focuses her efforts on promoting the social inclusion of the elderly through the personalisation of the service.

Her areas of interest have led her to train in areas such as positive behavioural support, person-centred planning, subjective assessment of quality of life, community inclusion and ethics and human rights. In addition to this, she has been trained in leadership issues. She has participated in citizen initiatives for social participation and innovation and has been a volunteer in several associations.