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Accesibilidad, ergonomía, envejecimiento y diferentes tipos de vida

 Type: Course
 Line of Knowledge: Environments
 Location: Online

Our colleague Elisa Pozo, researcher in charge of Architectural Design at Matia Institute participates in the session "710 Ergonomics, aging and ways of life", is part of the course "7.- Advanced Accessibility" of the Training Plan in Universal Design and Accessibility in the built environment of COAM and ONCE Foundation 2023-24.

The event, in online format, will be dedicated to issues related to accessibility, ergonomics, aging and different ways of life. Aspects of great interest and which are often not associated with accessibility.

Scientific program:
Accessibility and Ergonomics. Antonio Bustamante Serrano
Aging and accessibility. Lucía Pérez-Castilla Álvarez
Accessibility and cohousing. Javier del Monte Diego
Accessibility and Coexistence Units; architectural considerations. Elisa Pozo Menéndez


Elisa Pozo Menéndez Researcher responsible for architectural design