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Architecture and Ageing: New trends for the Golden Age

 Type: Webinar

It is estimated that the number of people over 65 in Europe will increase from 101 million in 2018 to 149 million in 2050. The possibility of ageing well depends on many factors, but the environment undoubtedly plays a key role. Architecture for the elderly is and will be one of the most sought-after typologies and, in order to respond to this strong demand, the architect must know its specific characteristics: layouts, volumetrics, materials, regulations... The Forum of Renowned Spanish Brands offers us the chance to learn more about this subject from professional experts: Webinar: "Architecture and Ageing: New trends for the Golden Age"


Fotografía de Heitor Lantarón
Heitor G. Lantarón Head of Architectural Design and researcher at Matia Institute