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Conference: Building the future from a caring society

 Type: Congress
 Line of Knowledge: Active aging and friendliness
 Location: Elgoibar

On Thursday 11 May, Elgoibar Town Council, through the Department of Social Welfare, has organised a talk entitled "Building the future from a society that cares for people", which will be given by Mayte Sancho, scientific director of the Matía Gerontology Institute Foundation. 

Led by the prestigious researcher, gerontologist and activist Mayte Sancho, this is an extraordinary opportunity to learn first-hand about the care and support tools available to carers.

This is a session which, as part of the strategic line of care for the carer - caregiver of the Department of Social Services, seeks to reflect on care and dependency.

Society is ageing and needs care and the expert Mayte Sancho, in this talk, will give us the clues and tools to help us adapt to this new social reality. All from a perspective of both social and employment opportunities that are opening up in this new horizon.

As the mayoress of Elgoibar, Ane Beitia, stated, "this is a unique experience in which we will learn how to contribute to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of the carer, which is something we will be able to do in the future".
emotional wellbeing of the carer, which is really important for our society. The fact is that life expectancy in the Basque Country has increased considerably in recent decades, but this prolongation also brings with it an increase in situations of dependency".

The session, which will be open to the public, will begin at 19.00 and will take place at the Musika Eskola in Elgoibar.


Mayte Sancho
Mayte Sancho Expert in gerontological planning