HomeParticipation in forumsII Edition of the seminars: "Accessibility by Right". Models of supported housing and deinstitutionalisation.

II Edition of the seminars: "Accessibility by Right". Models of supported housing and deinstitutionalisation.

 Type: Conference
 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care
 Location: Ceapat (Madrid) / Online

The Imserso's State Reference Centre for Personal Autonomy and Technical Aids (Ceapat) is organising the second edition of the "Accessibility by Right" seminars, which will be held between 23 September and 14 December 2022. These events are part of the Imserso's Specialised Training Plan. The aim of these seminars is to provide a space for meeting, information and debate on current issues related to the promotion of personal autonomy, universal accessibility, technologies and support products. In addition, this year we are including the topic of sport and adapted physical activity.

Our colleague, Elisa Pozo, researcher at Matia Institute and head of Architectural Design at Matia, will take part in the conference on Wednesday 5 October, an event dedicated to talk about: "Models of housing with support and deinstitutionalisation".


16:00 h First round table: Growing old at home. Moderator: Ms. Tatiana Alemán Selva, architect and managing director of Ceapat.

  • Irene Lebrusán, PhD in sociology from the UCM and postdoctoral researcher at Harvard University.
  • Mr. Juan Ignacio Vela, President of the Lares Foundation.
  • Ms. Paz Martín, Director of the Proyecto de innovación arquitectónica envejezANDO and Head of the Senior Citizens Programme of the Fundación Arquitectura y Sociedad.

17:00 h Second round table: From the institution model to the home model. Moderator: Mr. Carlos Rodríguez, architect of Ceapat.

  • Ana Mombiedro, architect and researcher in neuroarchitecture at Qualia Estudio.
  • Ms. Elisa Pozo, architect of Matia Instituto.
  • D. Daniel López, doctor in Social Psychology and researcher at the Universitat Oberta Catalunya (UOC).

18:00 h Coffee break

18:30h. Third round table: Accessibility and person-centred design. Moderator: D. Delfín Jiménez, Doctor of Architecture and President of ASEPAU.

  • Mr. Jaisiel Madrid, telecommunications engineer. Manager of the Living Lab of interior design of CENFIM (Cluster and innovation hub of home and contract equipment).
  • Ana Torres, PhD in Fine Arts and lecturer at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).
  • D. Miguel Simón, Doctor in Psychology and Director of Innovation and Institutional Relations of Grupo5.

19:30h. Debate and conclusions

20:00h. End of the day