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Innovation Space: Integrated care of services and supports at home. 2nd session.

 Type: Conference
 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care

Meeting organised by the Department of Social Welfare of Barcelona Provincial Council within the framework of the project "Spaces for innovation in the provision of home care social services". The aim of this space is to present good practices and reflect on possible innovations and improvements in terms of the role of the home help service in the range of support services provided to frail elderly people or those in a situation of dependency at home.

Experiences will be presented on:

  • Service integration programmes through specialised or intensive case management formulas that allow the articulation of flexible and diversified support packages by coordinating various agents that intervene with the same person or family.
  • Possibilities for diversification of the ODS through various modalities such as night-time ODS, meals at home, accompaniment, socio-educational intervention and the possibilities of extending complementarity between the ODS and other services.
  • Rehabilitation or re-training programmes. Exploitation of advanced technologies in the organisation and provision of the ODS.


9.00 h - Presentation of the Innovation Space in Integrated Care

  • Beth Maluquer, Director of the SAD Innovation and Quality Programme of the Department of Equality and Social Sustainability of the Diputació de Barcelona.
  • Joseba Zalakain, Director of the Information and Social Research Service SIIS, Eguía-Careaga Fundazioa Foundation.

9.30 a.m. - Round table debate: case management and integration of services. Presentation of experiences:

  • Etxean Bizi Project in Guipúzcoa By Nerea Etxániz Matía Foundation.
  • Tools for the coordination of care for the elderly in France: the case of the Pyrénées-Orientales Territorial Platform for Support and Coordination by Nadia Bengueta, Director of the Pyrénées-Orientales Territorial Platform for Support and Coordination.
  • Integrated care services in Castilla y León. By Benedicto Caminero, Technical Director for the Elderly and People with Disabilities of the Junta de Castilla y León.

Moderated by Joseba Zalakain.

11.30 h - Break

12.00 h - Work in groups: roadmap workshop By June Arechalde, Participation Technician of Hobest - Organisational Strategic Consultancy.

14.30 h - End of the session


Nerea Etxaniz Researcher