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"Living with Meaning" - 10 years advancing in person-centred care

 Type: Conference

This year marks a decade since the beginning of the transformation of the care model in our homes.

An itinerary that began with a project initiated with the Basque Government, and which has brought with it the adoption of a new way of understanding care linked to aspects such as respect for dignity and personal autonomy, the promotion of capabilities from the meaningful and the everyday, the personalization of care under the figure of the professional of reference or the strengthening of life with the communities in which the centers are located.

A model linked to the paradigm of person-centered care, which already has a long implementation in other European regions (significantly in the Nordic countries), but with few experiences in our immediate environment.

This conference, which can be followed in person or via streaming, arises from the interest in sharing and reflecting on the main lessons learned from a long and complex process of change, which is transforming the way of understanding the care of all the people who are participating in it. To this end, we have prepared two interesting round tables in which, in the form of conversations, we will bring together the voices of both professionals and public decision-makers to reflect on the opportunities and challenges, present and future, in long-term care. A retrospective look that we will see reflected in a graphic piece in documentary format that we will premiere during the day.

The event will close with the presentation of a series of materials that systematize what we have learned and seek to show routes to advance in a person-centered care.



Mayte Sancho
Mayte Sancho Expert in gerontological planning
Fotografía de Pura Diaz-Veiga
Pura Diaz-Veiga Knowledge Dissemination Advisor
Daniel Prieto Researcher and Professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid