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EK-NEOU - Disorder engines rehabilitate cyber-physical system


 Principal investigator:
Miren Iturburu
Miren Iturburu (Matia Instituto), Joseba Alberdi, Edurne Andueza y Alaitz Satrustegi (Matia Fundazioa).

What's the cyberphysical system?

  • The main element is the Hank exoskeleton, a robotic medical system for training, rehabilitation and mobility of members of the underworld. The system has intelligent devices and sensors that can measure the user's condition and transmit information to the system.
  • A digital biomechanical model provides a virtual representation of the user's condition, and together with the metrics developed in the project, reports its progress.


The main purpose of the project is to develop a cyber-physical system for the neural rehabilitation of mobility in the lower limbs of people with incomplete spinal cord injury.


Palazzo, Department of Economic Development and Development, Hazit call 2017 and 2018.


  • Improving existing products: Hank exoskeleton and motion monitoring system.
  • Improving rehabilitation processes for persons with difficulty moving in their lower limbs
  • System of taking and comparing movement with the most appropriate approaches for the rehabilitation of lesions.
  • Two new product marks: Hank and the pickup system.


The three companies involved in the project are the STT System (leader), the Gogoa Mobility Robots and the Matia Foundation, and two ZTBS agents (Vicomtech and Matia Institute). The Matia Foundation and the Matia Institute have conducted tests on the dispositional.

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2016 to 2018

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Miren Iturburu
Miren Iturburu Researcher

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