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Etxean Bizi (Pasaia Herri Lab)


 Principal investigator:
Álvaro García
Maider Azurmendi, Nerea Etxaniz

Within Pasaia Herri Lab, together with the projects (AGASE, HAUSKOR, between Hurkoa and Adinkide and OK at home) and Pasaia City Council as promoter, Etxean Bizi is a fundamental piece in the generation of the necessary conditions, so that elderly people who need support and decide to continue living at home, can do so while maintaining a full life.

The key to Etxean Bizi (already validated and with its benefits highlighted in the first experience) lies in the Coordination of all the care and services from the case management methodology of a single professional, in this case the Basic Social Worker. The integration of these services (and we are referring to all those offered by the environment and community: from the public sector, local services such as community services or those of a neighbourhood nature... the community movements created with the arrival of the covid19 serve as examples) and within the theoretical framework of Person-Centred Care.

It is proposed as a Participatory Action Research project, of continuous construction between the actors and agents involved, for the implementation of Etxean Bizi, in a context of collaborative governance, in this case in the municipality of Pasaia.

The people themselves, their families and care professionals, the administration (both social and health), local services and the associative-community movement all participate in this construction. In short, the whole of society, linked to the area of care.

The driving force behind the project is the Council's own Case Managers, who coordinate each case from an ecosystemic perspective. Matia Instituto accompanies from the research field (from both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and in obtaining evidence and knowledge, for its evaluation). We also provide support in the implementation of participatory methodologies.

All of this is done to generate knowledge and evidence from a rigorous point of view. With results on:

  • Its impact on the well-being and satisfaction of all the people and agents involved.
  • The necessary changes in the formal structures for its development.
  • In the generation of tools for its implementation.
  • An instrument for identifying and assessing the complex case (a major generator of social and health costs). Screening for case orientation, home assessment, design and systematisation of the Care and Life Plan.
  • The definition of the necessary accompaniment and training for "those who care".
  • Channels for integrating the community into the culture of care.

In short, to generate all the necessary knowledge and tools to be able to scale up what has been built and demonstrated in Pasaia to other municipalities in Gipuzkoa for its future generalisation.



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2020 to 2021

Project status

In progress


Nerea Etxaniz Researcher

Line of Knowledge

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