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Community care and person-centred care: Review of cost-effectiveness studies


The Matia Gerontological Institute has implemented a research process for the design of new forms of care for people who are dependent and/or disabled, in order to develop a new care model that is community-oriented, individualised and comprehensive in the field of geriatric care.

As part of this process, it has been considered necessary to evaluate the results which, in terms of cost-effectiveness, would entail the adoption of a model of these characteristics, from related scientific literature in countries of our environment.

To do this, from the Matia Gerontological Institute has asked the SIIS Centre for Documentation and Studies of the Fundación Eguia Careaga to conduct a review study of scientific literature analysing the economic impact and cost effectiveness of interventions, programmes or policies based on approaches that coincide with the model that the Matia Gerontological Institute intends to develop.

The ultimate goal of this analysis is to know about the available scientific evidence regarding the cost-effectiveness of interventions and care policies associated to the paradigm of intervention proposed by the Matia Gerontological Institute so that, when considering the content of that model, it could be incorporated into all interventions, practices or approaches that have already proven, through rigorous evaluation studies and proven quality, to have a positive cost effectiveness relationship.


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Mayte Sancho Expert in gerontological planning
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