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DIAGNOSTICS. Guide for the implementation in municipalities

 Line of Knowledge: Active aging and friendliness
 Author: Tomasena, A., Almazán, N. y Del Barrio, E.
Portada publicación: DIAGNÓSTICO: Guía para la puesta en marcha en municipios

Publication in the form of a guide, prepared by Matia Instituto with the collaboration of the municipalities of the Euskadi Lagunkoia Network, provides the necessary information to make a diagnosis of the friendliness of a municipality: where and how to collect the data, how to prepare the report, the role of each participating agent, recommendations for the process, etc. 

In a diagnosis, data on a topic is collected and analysed to see if there are any problems, if there is room for improvement, etc. In this case, the user-friendliness diagnosis is the assessment made by citizens in general, and older people in particular, about their municipality.

The guide is the result of the work carried out and the experiences learnt by the different municipalities of the Euskadi Lagunkoia Network since 2012.

This document includes as annexes different materials that can be used for the diagnosis, such as: focus group script, friendliness questionnaire, expert interview script, among others.