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Study on the living conditions of people aged 55 years and older in the Basque Country


The Basque Government, through its Department of Employment and Social Policy, launched this study to serve as a basis for the Basque Active Ageing Strategy 2015-2020 and to identify keys and guidelines for maintaining the right of the elderly to self-determination both in the community and institutionally.

It also aims to learn more about the different elements that determine the different levels and characteristics of the needs felt by the elderly.

The Matia Institute has taken on this task, and the results are presented below. In the following pages, detailed information can be found about material living conditions and means, social fabric, exchange of help and care, health perceptions, dependency, daily life, retirement and the needs of more than 700,000 people. Economic and social changes in recent years have led to changes in socio-demographic trends: family structures and relationships, household composition, consumer habits, conducting activities, help exchanges, etc.

These recent changes resulting from the economic crisis specifically affect the elderly. The detailed study of the current situation is the basis for the design and development of policies, plans, strategies and interventions for this population.


Elena del Barrio
Elena del Barrio Co-director - Researcher
Mayte Sancho
Mayte Sancho Expert in gerontological planning

Other Professionals