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Towards an Integrated Care Organisation from a CEO Perspective

 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care
 Author: Amunarriz G. & Alcalde-Heras H.

International Journal of Integrated Care. 2020;20(3):10.

Many experimental projects towards Person-Centred Care (PCC) are successful in the early stages, but founder when the attempt is made to scale them up to encompass the whole organisation. This case study therefore focusses on one manager’s attempts to extend the successes of a preliminary project ‘Etxean Ondo’ that aimed to provide adequate support for the elderly living at home or in nursing homes, as well as for their families and care professionals. Through in-depth interviews with stakeholders, this qualitative study, based on Grounded Theory, sets out to analyse which behaviours, attitudes and values on the part of management appeared to favour full-integration of PCC in this wider context.

Analysis of the data gathered allowed the researcher to generate an experimental case model which suggests how the extrinsic, intrinsic and transcendent motivation of stakeholders can be aligned with the goals of upper management to promote full-integration of PCC in such a way as to generate trust, increase participant engagement and create a win-win situation for all. Whilst this is clearly an experimental project, it is hoped that the model provided may prove helpful to other researchers and managers interested in pioneering this type of comprehensive organisational strategic change towards integration.