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Building wellbeing from the meaningful and the everyday

 Type: Webinar
 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care
 Location: Online


At the beginning of July we invite you to "Building wellbeing from the meaningful and the everyday", an event jointly organised by Zahartzaroa and Matia Fundazioa, where a new collaborative research space will be presented, as well as the first product housed in this space, a new guide of meaningful everyday activities for people with dementia developed by Matia Institute and funded by the Department of Social Policies of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa.

Contents and participants: 

  • "People, meaningful life and dementia". Teresa Martínez. Dr. in Health Sciences. Gerontological psychologist.
  • Presentation of a "Guide for carrying out meaningful daily activities with people with dementia". Cristina Buiza. Researcher at Matia Institute and Vice-president of the Social and Behavioural Sciences Area of Zahartzaroa.
  • "Favouring the transfer of knowledge on PCA. A 'win win' strategy". Presentation of a collaborative research section. Pura Diaz-Veiga. Researcher at Matia Institute.

The event will be broadcast live on Thursday 9 July from 17:30h on the Matia Fundazioa youtube channel.


Cristina Buiza Researcher
Fotografía de Pura Diaz-Veiga
Pura Diaz-Veiga Knowledge Dissemination Advisor

Other Professionals

Teresa Martínez