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Presentation of the Basque Strategy for the Elderly

 Type: Conference
 Line of Knowledge: Active aging and friendliness
 Location: Vitoria-Gasteiz

Meeting organised by the Basque Government on Friday 20 January at the Palacio de Europa (Vitoria-Gasteiz) from 11:00 to 14:00, in a day of presentation of the "Basque Strategy with the elderly" in which, in addition, the driving projects promoted by the same will be presented, among them: Helduak Zabaltzen, Euskadi Lagunkoia and the Longitudinal Study on ageing and care, all three with the participation of Matia Instituto.

Provisional programme:

11:00-11:45h Presentation of the Basque Strategy with the elderly.

11:45-12:10h Lunch break

12:10-13:00h Tractor Projects 1: Citizenship, transitions and life projects

13:00-13:50h Tractor Projects 2: Autonomy, care, research and innovation

13:50-14:00h Closing


Elena del Barrio
Elena del Barrio Co-director - Researcher
Nerea Almazán Researcher