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Advanced Intelligence Observatory for Anticipatory Governance of the Challenges Associated with Ageing - Adinberri SIA


 Principal investigator:
Elena del Barrio
Sara Marsillas, Gloria Domínguez

An initiative of the Adinberri Foundation and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, SIA is an open platform for the exchange of information and knowledge on ageing in Gipuzkoa, in the Basque Country and in the societies around us, in its biological, psychological, social, socio-health, physical and economic dimensions, contributing to the excellence and sustainability of the comprehensive care model for the elderly and to the development of a competitive industry aimed at generating quality employment.


To this end, SIA identifies, selects, classifies and records the most relevant existing knowledge and information (social policies, research, training, economy and employment, health, etc.) to date in order to, from there, constantly update it.

In this way, it provides public institutions, private initiative, knowledge centres and social initiative entities with knowledge for decision-making in their short, medium and long-term strategic planning.

In addition, the SIA carries out research work to identify the main long-term trends in ageing, carrying out a comprehensive analysis of the main global transforming forces that will define the future world with an impact on societies, economies, cultures and personal lives. This includes studies of the state of society in the face of these forces, deriving the critical factors in society's future.

Finally, and in close collaboration with the agents of the ADINBERRI Ecosystem, SIA identifies the main challenges of ageing to be tackled in Gipuzkoa in the coming years, as well as the strategic agenda associated with each one of them to enable anticipation and their transformation into development opportunities and, finally, into progress and social welfare.

SIA works around four main objectives:

  • KNOWLEDGE: Reference in specialised knowledge on ageing.
  • TRANSFERENCE: Transfer the learning from the tractor/experimental projects.
  • ANTICIPATION: Identifies future challenges and scenarios through its own sources and methodologies (Advisory Board).
  • ACTION: Provides intelligence for decision-making in public policies and private strategies.

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2021 to 2022

Project status

In progress


Sara Marsillas
Sara Marsillas Researcher
Elena del Barrio
Elena del Barrio Co-director - Researcher

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