Juan Albarrán


Graduate in Applied Sociology by UPNA (2016), Postgraduate in Processes and Participatory Methodologies by the Latin American Council of Social Sciences, (2021) Expert in Qualitative Methodologies and Development of Agile Methodologies of innovation and Gamification, Research, Action and Community Participation, Design of Social Projects and training in Inclusion of Gender Perspective in CCSS by COLSOCPONA.

His experience is determined by the design, implementation and evaluation of research projects with mixed methodology. He has conducted studies on active aging as progress in rural areas and community intervention using the From-Below model and the Community Social Work model. In this direction he has been a speaker at various sociology conferences and has published articles on Development and Community Intervention through the Foundation for Rural Studies and FES. He was responsible for the first cohousing in Navarra, the Citizen Observatory and the Citizen Laboratory of Pamplona-Iruña with an innovative approach to socio-community intervention. He is also director of Meta Investigación Social S.L. coordinating research and processes of citizen participation, both in urban and rural areas, with the aim of focusing research as an opportunity for collective and horizontal decision making for social transformation.

He is currently working as a researcher at Matia Instituto in projects such as "Euskadi Lagunkoia", "Accompaniment for the study, design and implementation of the new Model of Senior Citizen Centers of the Caja Navarra Foundation" and "Helduak Zabaltzen: Transforming the models of Social Centers for the elderly in the Basque Country".