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SALTO Project (Social Animation for Life quality training and tools)


 Principal investigator:
Miren Iturburu
Nerea Etxaniz, Esther Rivas (M. Fundazioa), Andrea Salaberria (M. Fundazioa) y Haizea Lucas (M. Fundazioa)

It is a social action program based on the training of social workers to improve the quality of life of dependent elderly people and people with functional diversity. The project focuses on combining "life projects" and "care projects", providing personalized support through holistic solutions. Such solutions involve breaking down the compartmentalization between the health and social environments, to start thinking and working in a coordinated way.

Social workers' interventions focus on providing daily support to elderly or disabled people through occupational activities, educational methods and non-pharmacological therapies. The SALTO project aims to integrate such socio-educational methods as part of daily therapy, to develop or maintain cognitive, bodily and social skills, which are fundamental for quality of life.


Improve the quality of life of elderly people in a situation of dependency and people with functional diversity through:

  • Promoting mindfulness and alternative media approaches.
  • The integration of social action in a therapeutic dimension.
  • The development of physical, psychological, cognitive and social skills.


Project financed by the EU from the ERASMUS + (KA2) program.


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  • Compilation of good training practices and innovative experiences in social animation at local and European level.
  • Development and testing of a social action training program for professionals.
  • Preparation of a social action guide or manual that will include a proposal of tested tools and activities related to the training principles developed within the framework of the aforementioned training program.


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2016 to 2019

Project status



Nerea Etxaniz Researcher
Miren Iturburu
Miren Iturburu Researcher

Line of Knowledge

Collaborating institutions

Project led by Etcharry Formation Development with the participation of 4 countries (France, Spain, Italy and Croatia) and 10 partners (5 training centers and 5 care centers for the elderly and people with functional diversity).