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The paradox of ageism and its contribution to social inequalities

 Line of Knowledge: Promoting Healthy Ageing
 Author: Marsillas, S., Del barrio, E.
Portada artículo: La paradoja del edadismo y su contribución a las desigualdades sociales

Article included in the first issue of Zabaldu, a monograph entitled "Dimensions from the difference" which proposes a sociological reflection on the diversity of the Basque Country, with works by experts from various scientific fields analysing the axes of inequality that affect certain groups, social groups and individuals.

Our colleagues from Matia Instituto, Sara Marsillas and Elena del Barrio, contribute their knowledge and experience to talk about the paradox of age discrimination and its contribution to social differences.

In their chapter, they focus on the reality of older people, asking themselves questions such as: "Is ageist, is it done or not? What are the consequences of ageism? How can we move forward in the fight against ageism?

According to the authors, age discrimination can be analysed on several levels: self-inflicted, relational and institutional, but all are intertwined, leading to situations of social inequality in health care or welfare, access to work or housing.