HomeStudy on "Opinions and attitudes on the coronavirus crisis according to age".

Study on "Opinions and attitudes on the coronavirus crisis according to age".

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¿What is this?

The current coronavirus crisis is particularly affecting older people, especially those with the greatest support needs. On the other hand, it is well known that ageist attitudes are important determinants for issues such as treatment or access to services by older people.

From this perspective, Matia Instituto proposes a tentative analysis that tries to observe whether negative opinions and discriminatory attitudes towards older people exist in the specific context of the situation generated by Covid19.

Our purpose has been to obtain information on the opinions of a broad sample of people aged 18 and over, in order to propose, after the corresponding analysis, proposals and recommendations that contribute to making visible, recognising and respecting the rights of people, regardless of their age.

To this end, a questionnaire was drawn up based on a review of the scales of stereotypes of older people and discriminatory attitudes. Part of the items were taken from these scales and part were generated ad hoc with the aim of addressing new discriminatory attitudes generated during the crisis.

¿How to collaborate? 

The process consisted of distributing a self-administered questionnaire through the Google Forms platform during the period from 14 to 30 April. It was disseminated via email and social networks of Matia Fundazioa and other collaborating entities, without seeking representation at a national level.

At the close of the consultation, a total of 840 responses were counted. Once all the data has been analysed, the main conclusions drawn from this study will be published in this space.



Preliminary results of the study here.

Publication: Edadismo y COVID-19, un estudio de la desigualdad social a través de las opiniones y actitudes sobre las personas mayores en la crisis del coronavirus en España




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Sara Marsillas Researcher
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