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How to improve communication with people with dementia - #CommunicationPathway - Matia

 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care

The development of care approaches centred on people's wishes and autonomy entails the need for resources and strategies that promote it. At Matia and ACP Gerontology we wanted to contribute to the establishment of good practices applicable either in the home or in social and healthcare centres, with the publication of two new materials that are part of the project "Routes for the Advancement of Person-Centred Care". 

At this event, the route "People with dementia: communication and well-being" and the guide "on how to improve the well-being of people with dementia through our daily interactions" are presented. Two publications that seek to systematise the existing knowledge and experience in a key aspect in the care of people with dementia, such as the human relationship and communication between those who accompany and those who are accompanied.

The webinar was attended by experts in care and person-centred care, such as Feliciano Villar, Teresa Martínez, Pura Diaz-Veiga, Cristina Buiza, Virginia Oliván, and direct care professionals, such as Ainhoa Manso, Ainara Usandizaga, monitor and nurse at the Fraisoro centre, respectively.

More information on the microsite "PCC Pathways": https://www.matiainstituto.net/en/pcc-pathways


Fotografía de Feliciano Villar
Feliciano Villar Posada Expert in Psychogerontology
Teresa Martínez Rodríguez Person-Centred Care Expert
Cristina Buiza Researcher
Fotografía de Pura Diaz-Veiga
Pura Diaz-Veiga Knowledge Dissemination Advisor

Other Professionals

Ainhoa Manso

Ainara Usandizaga