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Webinar - Barne®-Hartu Project Presentation

 Line of Knowledge: Planning and models of care

Social exclusion is receiving increasing attention in the field of gerontology. This interest comes from a combination of the patterns of demographic aging, current social and economic instability, and the susceptibility of these age cohorts to growing inequalities. The BARNE(r)HARTU project has aimed at a multidimensional approach to social exclusion in old age. The overall objective was to make a diagnosis of the situation and needs of various realities around exclusion and aging taking into account the gender perspective. Specifically, I try to know the situation of elderly people in relation to relevant variables related to social exclusion, and to investigate how excluded people age in different situations in Gipuzkoa. In addition, proposals for action have been identified for the identification of formulas for care and accompaniment in the various processes of exclusion.