Homesocial and health care coordination

social and health care coordination

Portada publicación: Case management: an operational approach
 Year: 2023
 Author: García, A., Iturburu, M., Olano, A., Etxaniz N.
 Project: INCARE
Cover page of the article: Comprehensive Perspective of Care Design for the Accompaniment of the Person During the Life Journey
 Year: 2022
 Author: García-Soler A., García-Lantarón, H., Marsillas Rascado, S., del Barrio Truchado, E., Buiza Bueno, C. y Díaz-Veiga, P.

Pozo Menéndez, E., Higueras García, E. (eds). Urban Design and Planning for Age-Friendly Environments Across Europe: North and South. Future City, vol 19. Springer, Cham.